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Caution: If you have any leg diseases please contact your doctor first
Leg does not get heavier, less or no water being saved in leg, after sports no or less muscle aches, better healing
In our foot or heels, our blood vessels have the highest possibility toi withstand pressure. This is why the vein hatches in this area become weak and with time the blood can not be easily pumped to the heart by the calves. With the Heisoma socks, this area gets balanced. Through the changing or alternating movement of the heel with the socks, a light pressure is created beind the knuckle. This light pressure helps and supports the vein hatches and the blood circulation to the heart is improved. The cells are hence supplied with more oxygen in the blood and the leg gets healthier. This improvement is recognized in the medicine world since ages and can be measured with the LLR Measurement. The worse the vein hatches can work, the better Heisoma socks can do. With the LLR Measurement, the increased amount of blood flowing through the legs can be visisble and shown.
Use: whilst sitting or standing at work, during travel be it by car, bus, train or by plane.
Wear the socks just as any other socks. Distiguish between the left and the right socks.It is marked at the socks where your big toe is placed.
Pay attention that your heelpad is even below your heel and pull both the bands lightly, so that the socks cushion is even on your foot. (fig. Shows the inside side of foot).
Close the band locker around your leg and not too hard (Attention). The band is used to fix the position of the socks cushion. There should be no feeling of pressure or wrinkles. Now you can curt the extra length of the bands to your convenience, so that you do not fall over them.
In order to activate the function of the Heisoma socks, make movements (up and down) with your heels as if you were walking.

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