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LRR Instrument


Our mobile model for house visits, Home-Care, Screening, trip and patient's self-control
The SVD monitor, model "Compact", is one of the most compact and most efficient measuring instruments for the function control of the face veins in the lower extremities (leg veins) about the so-called muscle pumps test. This test is painless and claims only short time
Damage limitation by early diagnosis
Early damages in the vein system, in particular in the leg veins, are often recognized too late. The sequences are to be seen mostly lasting damages and a not unimportant encroachment of the quality of life of the person concerned by the financial charges in the course of the new health system completely!
Simply in the use
The measuring data are recorded by a new developed infrared sensors which are fixed on the skin over the place to be investigated. They permit a measurement also with swollen legs and in most cases also with invested socks.
Perfect documentation
The system is laid out 2-kanalig, the superficialen veins can be examined in both legs at the same time and be compared.
The registered results{outcomes} are displayed in the display and are stored at the same time with date and time. These recordings can be evaluated any time in the PC, be documented and be printed out. Also by disabled machine and empty batteries the dates are preserved

SVD Monitor

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