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Office job as a cause of deep vein thrombosis
Graz (pte / 14.03.2007 / 06:05) - the office workers who spend her working hours mostly seated in her desk can be put out to a reinforced risk of a deep vein thrombosis (TVT).
This is the result of a study of New Zealand researchers which has appeared in "New Zealand Medical Journal" http://www.nzma.org.nz/journal/index.shtml.
The deep vein thrombosis is an disease with which a blood clot forms in a vessel.
Up to now the deep vein thrombosis was known especially as an " Economy Class of syndrome " because people were concerned after the long flights during which they no possibility their legs had to stretch especially often by TVT. Now the scientists examined 62 persons who had been treated with blood clot in the hospital. Their result: 34 percent of the patients had sat for for a long time in their workplace. To the comparison: Only 21 percent had graduated shortly before from long-distance flights. The blood clots along going with the deep vein thrombosis can cause breathlessness, pains in the breast and in the worst case a cardiac infarction.
" Basically I hold the results of the researchers for an interesting observation ", says Gerald Seinost of the university hospital of the medical university of Graz http://www.meduni-graz.at in the press text-interview. " To classify the excessive office work already as own risk factor, however, the case number of the study is still too small. " The results delivered rather a cause for thought for other research projects. " No matter it is still very important to pay attention to a sufficient movement ", according to the expert. " Often reach quite putatively small measures: The elevator refuse and, instead, the stairs to rise or to get out earlier on the way to work already a station and to walk the rest

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