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Enjoy the immediate improvement
A study conducted in 2006 at the airport of Dusseldorf shows that one out of 450 passengers on a long distance flight suffers from a thrombosis. In Germany this amounts to between 30.000 and 35.000 cases per annum. The percentage is rising because an increasing number of people enjoy their vacation in far away countries. This combined with a rise of the average age of the passengers leads to a rise in the percentage of travellers at risk.
The use of Heisoma-Socks leads to a very substantial improvement of the blood circulation in your lower extremities. Below graphic shows the increased veinous blood volume pumped into the deep veins. The measurement was taken by photoplethysmogaphy with a newly developed medical device. The device may show you within 2 minutes of non-invasive measuring to which extend the Heisoma-Socks help to improve your bloodcirculation.
Beside the aspect of thrombosis prevention, the use of Heisoma-Socks helps against the development of oedema and cold feet often connected to impaired blood circulation. Studies show that a high percentage of the population working all day long in a sitting or standing position suffer from veinous disorder. In the long run severe problems may occur.
Beside the above the proper wear of Heisoma-Socks will give you a healthy and comfortable feeling with little effort on your side.

Foot Conditions

Achilles Tendonitis
Arthritis Feet & Toes
Athlete's Foot
Broken Toe
Blue Toe
Burning Feet
Charcot Foot
Cold Feet
Diabetic Foot
Flat Feet
Foot Bursitis
Foot Calluses
Foot Circulation
Foot Injuries
Foot Fractures
Heel Fissures
Heel Pain
Heel Spurs
Mallet Toes
Morton's Toe
Numb Toes
Peripheral Neuropathy
Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar Warts
Psoriasis - Toes
Raynaud's Feet
Smelly Feet
Sprained Ankle
Sore Feet
Tarsal Tunnel Pain
Tingling Toes
Toenail Problems
Turf Toe

Breaks down uric acid crystals from gout
Enhance healing of broken bones
Flush toxins from the lymph areas
Help to heal skin burns & reduces scaring

Increase metabolism of the cells
Increase blood flow to tiny capillaries
Increase the extensibility of collagen (fibrous protein constituent of bone, cartilage, tendon and other connective tissue)
Improve the elasticity of arterial walls
Improve the elasticity of arterial walls
Reduce hypertension (high blood pressure)
Reduce the chances of blood clots
Reduce the acidity in our bodies (a more alkaline body is healthier)
Reduce foot pain and swelling
Reduce inflammation
Retard bacteria development
Reduce foot odor
Retard fungal infections

Relieve muscle spasms in the ankles, toes and feet
Reduce toe joint stiffness
Reduce edema in your feet and ankles (an accumulation of an excessive amount of watery fluid in cells, tissues or serous cavities.)
Reduce exudates (substances oozing from the skin)
Reduce inflammatory skin conditions, like psoriasis of the toes
Strengthen the immune system (increases white blood cell count)

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